What Exactly is Executive Coaching?

Knowing  A Clear Definition of Executive Coaching Before You Get the Coach

Equal Relationship, no directing, no debating, no convincing.

Kriengsak Niratpattanasai, one of the pioneer in Executive Coaching in Thailand, distilled his 15-year thoughts around Executive Coaching definition into just 3 Thai words, “เพื่อนชวนคิด” (“Puen-Chuan-Kid” or Friend, who enquires and provokes your thoughts). This sharp and crisp definition conveys 3 key senses.

a) Sense of Partnership,
If you see the conversation starts with coach tells the executive, and act as if he’s the subject matter expert, that doesn’t sound like Executive Coaching. Instead, coaching relationship should be demonstrated as ‘equal’ whereby the coach and client see things on an equal relationship.

b) Sense of Receptive.
Executive Coaching role is NOT to direct, NOT to debate, and NOT convince the executives. Rather, Executive Coaching is more of receptive and co-creative using what the client shares.

c) Sense of Self-Execution.
No one could change the executives, unless he/she realises and wants to change their thoughts/behavior themselves.

Executive Coaching has become the fancy leadership development word. Some even look at it as universal leadership development tool. Next time when you think about Executive Coaching, ask your