Why the Executive Need the Coach?



One of the most frequent question I got from several sources, ‘Why the executive need the coach?’ There are several ways to answer this question depends upon which perspective you are looking for. From my point of view, here’s the possible reasons why the executive might need the coach.

1. Agile. They might be new in their position and need to get up to the speed of change, the demand from their organisation.

2. Lateral or Vertical movement. Experiences are critical recipe of success for the executive. Assignment and change are part of their working life.

3. Thoroughness. The fact that the Executive are smart doesn’t guarantee quality of their decision.

These reasons have one thing in common. Most executive may have strong capability to assess their organisation performance, have less capacity or resources to explore and assess themselves. They need someone, who will tell them the unbiased truth. That’s where the Executive Coach come into play.

If you are the executive, ask yourself if you have all the required capacity to assess yourself or not. If the answer is No, Working with the Executive is one of the best option you’ll invest for yourself,…and your organisation.


Yorde Leelawejabootr
27 September 2018