Question challenging Leadership Development and Coaching Industries.

Growth of Coaching Industry was impressive, but is the industries providing what is needed for the future?

In 2018 Systemic Leadership Team Coaching workshop, one of the question, raised by Prof. Peter Hawkins, to coaching as well as leadership development industries was..
“What were coaches and leaders doing in your greatly privileged world, when you were leaving us a legacy of a world of greater demand, growing expectations and diminishing resources?”

The question was raised in the current global context where VUCA has become normal. The answer is both industries didn’t do much in response to such new norm because most of leadership development is based on business as usual rather than tomorrow’s challenges. It’s not exaggerated to say that nearly all of coaching is focusing on the personal development of leaders (Hawkins, 2017).

If it’s the case, what Prof. Hawkins proposed the question we need to ask ourselves to show that we are contributing to the future challenges resolution..
How do we gear up for tomorrow’s need?”

Such question is not easy to answer because when we have tremendous success, sometime we were blinded by such success. We cannot easily addressed what needs to be evolved in order to move forward.

Some of smaller question that are useful for gearing up:
a) “What would be the new business context of our business circumstances?”‘
b) “What are the strategies that could be applied such new context?

The compelling answer from the keynote speaker that aspired myself are
a) The new business context was too complex for any heroic leader
b) The leadership team needs to gear up themselves, taking accountability of shared leadership, embracing and leveraging the collective intelligence as the way to cope with VUCA.

That’s where coaching and Leadership Team coaching come into play. It could step up to serve wider system; build the coaching culture across the whole value chain, not just internal organisation; focus on human; coach the whole connection; and break down all silos within organisation.

The fact that developing on any heroic leader won’t be sufficient to cope with the changing context has woken me up. Having been reflecting on such complex future aspires myself to add leadership team coaching to my business model. And attaining Co., Ltd feels the need to accomplish this mission to start leaving our legacy for future that we could be proud of.