How Leadership Team Coach Prevent the Management from Getting Stuck?

Three types of teams are facing challenges in different circumstances.  However, when looking from high level perspective, their challenges share something in common, they are struggling with the demand from stakeholder.

Leadership team of high governance energy company has been questioned around its monopoly behaviour, making non-related investment in non-core business as well as using all advantages of capital, resources and network to defeat the small players and dominate the market. General people are asking why doesn’t this company focus on greatness and energy sustainability of country.

Management team of family craftsmanship business has successfully modernised the company through efficiency and speed enhancement. However, the CEO and founder of the same company is not satisfied with the management latest direction as it seems the management team doesn’t know its customers’ preference and it seems its long tradition and pride has been unrooting.

The administration of international school decided to list its school in the stock market. This has spurred lots of questions from parent in regard to the school’s goal. This school has been on the spotlight as the local medias is reporting.

What else, apart from the business performance drivers and indicators, the leadership team should care about? One of important key point that every leadership team may overlook, all relevant stakeholders that has some influences to success of team. Failure to address the relevant stakeholder could lead to stuck or even  losses/damages.

Some leadership team coache has the clear framework that could be applied when working with the leadership team in identifying all relevant stakeholders that bring up key concerns, which leadership team should pay attention and set as one of objective to be achieved.